Chair of Private Law, Private International Law and Comparative Law

The chair deals primarily with cross-border situations in which the classic questions of private international law arise: Which courts have jurisdiction in cases involving several states? Which law is applicable to the facts of the case? What effects do decisions made abroad have in Germany?

In addition to this focus on private international law, there is also a focus on comparative law research. There is also particular interest in family and inheritance law, both from an international and comparative law and interdisciplinary perspective.

The rooms of the chair are located in the Institute for International Law, Veterinärstr. 5, where the library for comparative law is also located, supported by the association Internationale Rechtsbibliothek - The Leo-Goodman-Library.

We are interested in cross-border cases that raise the traditional questions of private international law: Which courts are competent to hear a case with links to more than one State? Which law is applicable to the substance of the case? Which effects have decisions rendered in one State in other jurisdictions?

A further focus lies on comparative research in private law.

We have a special interest in family and succession law – from an international as well as a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective.

Prof. Dr. Anatol Dutta, M. Jur. (Oxford)

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Lehrstuhl für Bürgerliches Recht, Internationales Privatrecht
und Rechtsvergleichung (Lehrstuhl Dutta)
Institut für Internationales Recht
Veterinärstr. 5
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Maryam Scherf
Veterinärstr. 5
80539 München
Room 205
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Academic staff

Dr. Christiane von Bary
Veronika Scharf
Dr. Charlotte Wendland, M. Jur. (Oxford)
Caroline Wernsdörfer

Academic staff

Bettina Isabel Brechmann
Maria-Teresa Sophie Kratzer
Valentina Leonie Preßler
Katharina Struppek