Visiting scholars

LMU stands for internationality. We are happy to welcome visiting researchers from all over the world. It goes without saying that we provide all the necessary services to create an ideal working environment.

Academic staff coming to LMU as part of the Japan-Korea Partnership Program can find further information on the website of the Japan-Korea Program.

Internet use

Guests with DFN access

The LMU participates in DFN roaming via the Munich Scientific Network. This means that members of DFN member institutions have direct access to the Internet. This option is also available to foreign visitors via Eduroam. Guests of the faculty who come from a participating institution can use their home country ID. The LRZ provides information on registration (in German).

Guests without DFN access

The chairs and facilities of the faculty have the option of assigning their guests their own identifiers for using the Internet. It is also possible to connect your own notebook to the Internet.

The master user of the host organisation is exclusively responsible. Detailed information can be found at the LRZ (in German).

LMU User ID (LMU-Benutzerkennung)

The application for an LMU User ID must be submitted by the host institution to the IT Service Desk. Please send an e-mail to

You can find the required application in the FAQ of the IT Service Desk under the tab "Where can I apply for an LMU user ID (former campus ID)?".

E-mail address

Only the master user of the host institution is responsible for assigning an e-mail address for the Faculty of Law.

You can find out who the responsible master user is via the IDM portal of the LRZ. Please note that you can only log in using your LRZ ID.