Research Center for Procurement Law and Administrative Cooperation

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” - Henry Ford

The Research Center concentrates on the analysis, scientific investigation and development of different types of execution of public tasks that are based on division of labor. A modern government is increasingly dependent on cooperating with other governmental actors as well as private institutions at all levels (federation, states, municipalities, social security institutions, universities, etc.). This includes classic forms of inter-municipal cooperation, as well as future prospects of an increased cooperation between the federation and the states or between different states, but mainly all phenomena of privatization including (international) Public Private Partnerships. Those Partnerships can be based on either public-law or a private-law contract. The founding of private-law companies is particularly important, since it provides a significant intersection with the fields of Public Economy. From a legal point of view, administrative cooperation is particularly a challenge for European and constitutional law as well as administrative law. In individual cases, however, Business Law, Competition Law and Criminal Law may also be affected.

In case of cooperation between the state and private actors, procurement law applies. This field of law structures government procurement capacity and therefore affects 20% of GDP (Europe-wide). In recent years, it began to cover more and more areas. The potential importance of procurement as a method for achieving political goals (e.g. green or social procurement) is also increasingly being discussed.

The Research Center (FVV) was founded at the Ruhr University Bochum in 2004 and transferred to the faculty of law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University as a result of Professor Dr. Burgi’s transfer to Munich. It has an international network of well-known universities (member of the European Procurement Law Group (EPLG) and the Procurement Law Academic Network (PLAN)). An outstanding cooperation partner is the George Washington Law School (Washington DC), in whose programs (Government Procurement Law at GW) Professor Dr. Burgi is continuously involved.

The FVV has an interdisciplinary orientation and cooperates in research projects especially with scientists of Politics and Public Administration, economics and engineering. The FVV is part of a network of practitioners from all over Germany (ministries, local authorities, law firms, businesses, associations). In addition to carrying out research projects, it also organizes further training. The FVV also owns a special library and is responsible for the book series “Schriften zum Vergaberecht” (Papers on Procurement) published by Nomos.

Please check the Chair of Public Law, Business Administrative Law, Environmental and Social Security Law for more information.


Prof. Dr. jur. Martin Burgi


Room 104 (registration) or Room 150 (library and events)
Ludwigstr. 28 RG
80539 München

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