Chair of Public Law, European Union Law, and Philosophy of Law

Munich Center for Law and the Humanities

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Haltern, LL.M. (Yale)


Munich Center for Law and the Humanities


Room 102
Ludwigstr. 28 (Rückgebäude)
80539 München
Gerda Weixler
+49 89 2180-3335
+49 89 2180-2440
As far as possible, we make every effort to deal with the public by telephone, post or e-mail. Should a personal appearance be necessary, please make an appointment in advance.
You can reach us Monday to Thursday from 9 am - 3 pm.

Academic staff

Zelda Bamberger, LL.M. (UConn)
Dr. Max Erdmann, M.A.
Sophia Lulay, Maître en droit (Paris II)

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